Frames and Trusses

NFPL uses the Pryda Build 4 design and engineering software to produce frames, trusses and roof systems that are structurally sound and fit for purpose.

The Pryda software creates a whole of house engineering model to ensure that all loads are appropriately transferred from the apex to the footings.

Pricing and Estimates

NFPL has developed an extremely accurate estimating model to ensure that the design is streamlined as much as possible while fulfilling the requirements of NZS3604:2011.  In estimating to a level in excess of the industry norm, NFPL knows the exact quantities of material and labour required to produce each job based on its complexity.  This ensures that clients have a functional design that reflects their needs while being as economic as possible.

Estimates include the pricing for frames, trusses, beams, random timber, ancillary building supplies (within the scope of materials that NFPL consumer for its prefabrication projects) and transportation as required.  NFPL is happy to provide ex-works and provide estimates for sub and mid floors, floor cassettes, wall panels and building modules (including transportable housing).

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