Red Stag Timber


NFPL has selected Red Stag Timber as its primary structural timber partner. Red Stag Timber Limited is the largest and most advanced structural timber mill in Australasia. The structural timber supplied by Red Stag goes through a combination of advanced sensory scanning, machine stress grading, and visual override to ensure that it is of the highest standard.

Red Stag Timber has the most advanced Radiata kiln drying system (counter flow kilns) and boron treatment facilities. In partnering with Red Stag Timber, NFPL has a constant supply of high grade timber even during the high demand periods so that it can deliver in full, on time and inside specification.



NFPL is a Pryda licensed fabricator facility, utilising Pryda Build 4 detailed 3D whole of house engineering design software to create single and multi-level buildings.

In partnering with Pryda, NFPL can now produce sub and mid floor prefabricated cassettes, engineered to fulfil the loads and spans required. The integration of floor cassettes allows for utilities and services to be easily routed in either the factory or on site without disruption of risk to the integrity of the structure. By having a complete floor system constructed in factory, it allows for a sub or mid floor to be completed in the same day as the delivery to site, significantly expediting the construction process.

Pryda is a part of the ITW group, including divisions such as Ramset, Paslode, Buildex, Zenith, and Autodesk, providing NFPL with access to a breadth of leading solution providers within the construction and design sectors.
NFPL also has access to the Sure Foot foundation system that allows for a piled sub floor construction without the need of any concrete. This solution provides an economic alternate to traditional piles and concrete slabs that can be immediately loaded once in place, providing significant time and cost savings.

The Sure Foot solution can be effectively utilised in more marginal land where geotechnical challenges can exist, heavily reducing the capital costs for foundations, while maintaining a stable substrate.




Modeco is a new vibrant design and development company representing an amalgamation of ‘Modern’ and ‘Modular’ design and construction solutions combined with an ‘Economic’ and ‘Ecologically’ sustainable development philosophy, without compromising quality.

NFPL supports Modeco with refined design support to optimise for the advantages of factory prefabrication and the production of all practical components in factory.

NFPL is currently working with Modeco on four showcase buildings in Featherstone Drive, off of River Road, Hamilton to showcase a series of architectural designs that provide superb comfort in detached two storey homes that take advantage of a small section foot print and the benefits of advanced factory based prefabrication.

The sections were specifically targeted to show the combined functionality, comfort, aesthetic appeal and cost effectiveness of developing homes on a smaller section foot print, without compromising on design and use of space.

The developments will utilise the best of factory based construction solutions to create designs that show the future of town planning densification, without the need to transition to duplex, or apartment living.

The first showcase in the cluster is scheduled to be erected, immediately following title.


The initial design incorporates four bedrooms, a study nook, open plan family area, separate lounge, kitchen and scullery, and single attached garage in just over 170 m2 on a 330 m2 section.

Organisations & Associations

NFPL is a member of the New Zealand Frame & Truss Manufacturers Association (FTMA), Prefab New Zealand and Master Builders, proactively supporting and promoting the benefits of Offsite Construction or Manufacture (OSM).

Licensed Building Practitioners

NFPL has a number of Licensed Building Practitioners on staff to support with management on and off site and to ensure the quality and buildability of its prefabrication construction.